The LEARN Framework Podcast

Thousands of educators across the country read popular books on culturally responsive teaching and attend hours of training on the topic, yet cannot design culturally meaningful practices. This happens because most books and training materials focus on theories related to White privilege, social justice, implicit bias, and other concepts–but fail to teach educators how to design and redesign their instructional practices in culturally meaningful ways. Unlike these resources, The LEARN Framework Podcast provides practical steps for stakeholders who have goals to create culturally meaningful practices but need help figuring out where to start. The primary tool we use to coach educators through the design process is the LEARN framework, which comprises five action steps to develop culturally meaningful activities. In this podcast, school psychologist and host Dr. Dwayne D. Williams shares five steps to designing culturally meaningful practices, essential tools to design and redesign instructional activities in culturally meaningful ways, and examples of culturally meaningful evidence-based activities any teacher can employ in any classroom. Dr. Williams also interviews teachers and administrators applying LEARN’s five design principles to illustrate the design process.